Listen to each other and to God

Let us stop for a few moments to reflect on our way of life. We rush from task to task, always watching the clock. We speak to each other in headlines, trying to catch a moment’s attention. We have to cope with a media bombardment of news and views, dramatised to bring out every scrap of sensation, conflict or novelty. It is not easy to get behind any of these headlines and listen to the hidden story. These stories, once we hear them command the attention of both mind and heart, for in them we hear of the struggle of a brother or sister to make sense of life, to bear its burden, to reach out from its loneliness.

This small print of our life-story is precisely where precious truth is to be found. It’s there that the underlying patterns of good and evil can be discerned; there are laid down and recorded the first and formative experiences of love or betrayal, of honesty or deceit, of authority exercised in service or in domination. There the presence of God, guiding and writing life’s story is to be known.

To fail to attend to this dimension of life is to race across its surface, buffeted by every wind without anchor or direction. But it need not be so. An approach to life that makes space for others and, at its core, is open to that still small voice of God, is within the grasp of all.

Our health and our salvation depend on it.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols