God is within - take time to be with him

(Thought before going on a holiday)

Nowadays an increasing number of people are putting time aside from their busy routines to discover again the power of God. Retreat houses are full, not of those, in holiday mood, seeking to get away from it all, but rather, of people wanting to enter more deeply into the fullness of life. As a mother of a family said: ‘this time away has helped me to know again how my life hangs together, to find that point where all my loves converge and from which they spring’.

One master of the spiritual dimension of life, St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, puts it boldly, saying ‘God speaks to me in my deepest desires’, and he was not afraid to encourage us to use the power of our imagination to know those deepest desires. He urges us to a kind of ‘holy day-dreaming’, to go beyond the confines of the routine and familiar, which we assume to be our limits, and to imagine, in the depths of our hearts, what could have been and, indeed, what could still be.

So let us make time to get in touch with the otherness, the mysterious, the awesomeness of life, which lies close to hand. In our next mid-term or holiday let us take the opportunity to do a little day-dreaming about the wonder of love, of life and the goodness of God.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols