St. Rose

Once upon a time, a baby was born in Lima in Peru. Her father wanted to name her Isabel, but the mother said that the baby was so beautiful with cheeks like rose petals, she should be called Rose. The father said that was an unimportant reason. However, to save all the hassle, the baby was christened Rose Isabel.

Rose spent a lot of time with nature, looking after roses and all types of flowers. She really loved roses and felt that they were special. Roses also reminded her of the Lord, because when they die they look like the crown of thorns that was put on Jesus' head when he was crucified.

Rose felt very close to God and so she fasted a lot. When she fasted she became very thin and pale. Her mother began to get worried and so she asked Rose to eat more of the things that she cooked for her. Rose loved her mother very much and did not want to disobey her and so she ate some of the things that her mother told her to eat. Rose also wanted to fast for God, so she prayed to God and asked him to not make her pale and thin when she fasted. So when she fasted she was not pale or thin, so her mother didn't worry anymore. This made Rose feel even closer to God.

As Rose got older, she looked after people who were ill in the village and helped the needy. She made many clothes for the children and looked after them. She gave money to the poor and did many things to help the community. Rose was a very good person and many people looked up to her and loved her.

After a while Rose decided to live in the shed in the garden. She did this so that she could have a more peaceful place to pray, because in her house Rose's parents just wanted to have parties all the time. The shed was more of a quiet place than the house, but there were a large number of mosquitoes in it. Rose could not pray while she was being bitten. One day, she asked God to make a bargain with the mosquitoes: that the mosquitoes would not bite Rose and she would not squash them anymore. As a result the mosquitoes did not bite Rose and they prevented anybody from harming her. Then Rose carried on with her good work.

As Rose grew older and older, she loved God more and more. She expressed her love for God in many ways: through caring for nature, caring for her family, and for others. She prayed most of the day and fasted most of the year.

Rose wanted to be even closer to God and one day God let her come into heaven with him. Rose went to God peacefully and happily. Everybody was very sad and realised what a difference Rose had made to their lives. She had made clothes for their children and helped the elderly to cope with illness. Eventually, Rose became a saint. There is a story about how this happened: family and friends sailed over to the Vatican and asked the Pope to make Rose a saint. The Pope replied that there has never been an American saint and that it was more likely to rain roses. God heard this and wanted to show the Pope that he was wrong. The next thing that the Pope knew, it was raining roses!!! No one could believe it. The roses got to the Pope's knees and he still had not said 'yes'. The roses were at the Pope's waist and there was no reply. When the roses were reaching his shoulders, he said 'yes', Rose shall be a saint! Then the roses slowly cleared away.

Rose became a saint and her feast day is the 23rd August. This day was chosen because there are usually a lot of roses around at that time of year.

Rosa Pep, Year 9
St. Michael's Convent School,
Barnet, North London.