book 9 - the Life


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PUPIL'S Book 9


1.  Spiritual Quest
2.  The Gospels
3.  Life in the Spirit
4.  God’s Call
5.  Morality & Conscience
6.  Dialogue with Other Faiths

Teacher's book 9

Introduction, Contents, Overview of Syllabus, Notes for Users, Tips for teaching & learning, Contents of DVD ROM.

For each module

•  Key learning objectives
•  Theological notes
•  Starting points
•  Links to DVD ROM
•  Additional activities
•  Worksheets to photocopy
•  Reflections or Prayers



•  Overview of syllabus
•  The Syllabus
•  25 Power Point presentations
•  30 Worksheets
•  19 Audio recordings
•  36 Assessment tasks
•  A variety of additional resources

Teachers' and Students' Books and website are excellent. The scheme has filled a vacuum: it enables teachers of all levels of experience, background and security to teach the Faith in a meaningful way.