Primary Book 5


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PUPIL'S Book 5


1. Creation
2. God’s Covenants
3. Inspirational People
4. Reconciliation
5. Life in the Risen Jesus
6. Other Faiths

Teacher's Book 5

Introduction, Overview of Syllabus, Contents of CD ROM, Methodology, Notes for Users

For each module

  • Starting points
  • Additional activities
  • Links to CD ROM
  • Supporting websites
  • Class prayer
  • Worksheets to photocopy
  • Plenary activities



  • Notes for users
  • Links to RE Curriculum Directory
  • Power Point Presentations
  • SMART notebooks
  • Worksheets
  • Additional resources
  • Assessment Tasks (as in TB)
Our children deserve nothing but the best. This is the best! At last an RE scheme that is RE. Thank you for not being afraid to be Catholic. Today's INSET was 'inspired' thank you. I can't wait to teach my next RE lesson. The fruits of this scheme will, I believe, be far reaching. Teachers, parents and others will also be helped by this scheme.