Primary Book 3


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PUPIL'S Book 3


1. The Christian Family
2. Mary, Mother of God
3. Sacrament of Reconciliation
4. Celebrating the Mass
5. Celebrating Easter and Pentecost
6. Being a Christian

Teacher's Book 3

Introduction, Notes for Users, Overview of Syllabus, Methodology

For each module

  • Theological Notes
  • Discussion pointers
  • Additional activities
  • Assessment tasks
  • Supporting websites
  • Display ideas
  • Class prayer
  • Liturgies
  • Worksheets to photocopy



  • Notes for users
  • Links to RE Curriculum Directory
  • 25 Power Point Presentations
  • 30 SMART notebooks
  • 20 Worksheets
  • 8 Liturgies
  • Assessment Tasks (as in TB)
All our children, teachers, parish priest and parents are enthusiastic about The Way, the Truth & the Life Books and the website; children's knowledge has improved; much more RE being taught. The clear steps enable us to teach more about the Catholic faith than ever before.