Key Stage 2

"The kingdom belongs to the poor and lowly, which means those who have accepted it with humble hearts. Jesus is sent to ‘preach good news to the poor’; he declares them blessed for ‘theirs is the kingdom of heaven. To them – the ‘little ones’ – the Father is pleased to reveal what remains hidden from the wise and the learned. Jesus shares the life of the poor, from the cradle to the cross; he experiences hunger, thirst and privation. Jesus identifies himself with the poor of every kind and makes active love toward them the condition for entering his kingdom." 
Catechism of the Catholic Church 544

6.1 The Kingdom of God

Learning ABOUT and learning FROM the Catholic Faith

Key Learning Objectives

In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • know that at the beginning of Jesus’ public life he is tempted by the devil; Luke 4: 1-1
  • know about the conditions for following Jesus; Lk. 9: 23-26
  • know that Jesus performs mighty works and wonders and signs; Lk. 7:18-23
  • be familiar with the open and fearless speech of Jesus; Lk. 12: 1 – 12
  • know that through his parables Jesus invites people to the feast of the kingdom; Mt. 22: 1- 14
  • understand that words are not enough to enter the kingdom, deeds are required; Parable of the two sons Mt. 14: 28-32
  • understand why Jesus chose to eat with sinners; Mk. 2:15-17
  • know that we must make use of our talents to gain the kingdom; Mt. 25:14 – 30
  • understand that God has boundless mercy for those who repent. Lk. 15: 4 - 7

In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • reflect on our invitation to the kingdom of God;
  • be aware that we have to perform good deeds to enter the kingdom;
  • deepen our awareness of how we use the talents God has given to us;
  • be aware that through the Sacrament of Reconciliation we can always make a fresh start to follow Jesus.