5.6 Other Faiths

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Nostra Aetate

“All nations are one community and have one origin, because God caused the whole human race to dwell on the face of the earth. They also have one final end, God, whose providence, manifestation of goodness and plans for salvation are extended to all.” (para.1)

“The Catholic Church rejects nothing of those things which are true and holy in these religions. It regards with respect those ways of acting and living and those precepts and teachings which, though often at variance with what it holds and expounds, frequently reflect a ray of truth which enlightens everyone….” (para.2)

Attainment Target 1: Learning about the Catholic faith.
Attainment Target 2: Learning from the Catholic faith.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Know what the Church teaches about other faiths.
    • Reflect on the teaching of the Church for us.
  • Understand what we believe about our Catholic Faith.
    • Reflect on our beliefs.
  • Know some important Jewish beliefs.
    • Think about their importance.
  • Know about some Jewish celebrations.
    • Reflect on the meaning of them.
  • Know some of the beliefs we share with Jews and the differences between us.
    • Reflect on their importance for us.
  • Know some significant Muslim beliefs.
    • Think about their importance.
  • Understand some important practices of Muslims.
    • Reflect on the importance of prayer