5.3 Inspirational People

“The Law of the Gospel ‘fulfils’, refines, surpasses and leads the Old Law to its perfection. In the Beatitudes, the New Law fulfils the divine promises by elevating and orienting them towards the ‘kingdom of heaven’. It is addressed to those open to accepting this new hope with faith – the poor, the humble, the afflicted, the pure of heart, those persecuted on account of Christ – and so marks out the surpassing ways of the Kingdom” (CCC 1967).
“The entire Law of the Gospel is contained in the ‘new commandment’ of Jesus, to love one another as he has loved us” (CCC 1970).

Attainment Target 1: Learning about the Catholic faith.
Attainment Target 2: Learning from the Catholic faith.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Know that Jesus has come for everyone.
    • Reflect on how we can join his mission.
  • Understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
    • Reflect on what it means for you.
  • Know that the Beatitudes show us the way to live.
    • Think of ways they can help us to be true followers of Jesus.
  • Understand why Jesus blessed the merciful.
    • Think about what this means for us.
  • Know why Jesus blessed the pure in heart.
    • Reflect on the presence of God within you.
  • Know why Jesus blessed those persecuted for doing what is right.
    • Think of what you can do to help those suffering today.
  • Understand why Jesus blessed the poor in spirit.
    • Reflect on what we can learn from Fr. Arrupe.
  • Know that the meek are blessed.
    • Reflect on the importance of trying to do God’s will.
  • Know what it means to be a saint.
    • Think about how it would affect your life.