Key Stage 2

"The Church is the People of God…drawn into Christ’s praise of the Father and Christ’s mission in the world. The Church is the holy people of God, the communion of saints…. The saints who have entered through death into God’s glory are united in Christ with the saints on earth through faith and charity"
Religious Education Curriculum Directory p.19

4.6 Belonging to the Church

Learning ABOUT and learning FROM the Catholic Faith

Key Learning Objectives

In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • know that you belong to a community;
  • know what a community is and that there are different types of community;
  • understand what it means to belong to the community of the Church;
  • know that we ‘join’ the Church community when we are baptised;
  • have some understanding of the Creed as a statement of our faith;
  • know about the important celebrations in the Church’s year.

In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • reflect on the different communities to which we belong;
  • reflect on the joys and challenges of belonging to a community;
  • explore how we show commitment to our communities;
  • reflect on what we believe in the Creed;
  • research and reflect on some of the lives of the saints.