Foundation & Key Stage 1

"Jesus is sent to ‘preach good news to the poor’; he declares them blessed, for ‘theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ To them – the ‘little ones’ – the Father is pleased to reveal what remains hidden from the wise and the learned. Jesus shares the life of the poor, from the cradle to the cross; he experiences hunger, thirst and privation. Jesus identifies himself with the poor of every kind and makes active love toward them the condition for entering his kingdom."
CCC 544

2.3 The Good News  AT1 & AT2

Learning ABOUT and learning FROM the Catholic Faith

Key Learning Objectives

In this unit you will have the opportunity to:

  • Know that Jesus can change sadness into joy;
  • Know that we should always remember to thank Jesus for his help;
  • Know that Jesus used his power to help others and reflect on the importance of these events;
  • Know that Jesus brought the good news of God’s love and what that meant for us.