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1.  Exploring the Mass
2.  The Beginning of Mass
3.  The Liturgy of the Word
4.  The Liturgy of the Eucharist
5.  Eucharistic Prayer
6.  The Communion Rite
7.  Living out the Mass
8.  The Blessed Sacrament

This new DVD offers a beautifully clear presentation of Catholic belief in the Eucharist. It will really engage the interest of young people as well as those who are helping them to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ. The Cardinal’s conversation with a group of students reveals their own understanding as well as their commitment to the Lord as they draw some profound insights from Cardinal Vincent. We see the young people’s participation in the Mass as the Cardinal leads them in worship and we see him explaining the Mass to them as a teacher of the faith. This high-quality film, with its accompanying textbook, will be a welcome resource to teachers and catechists and it could also be fruitfully used by parish groups or in the home setting.

Rt Rev Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham